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Monday, July 22, 2013

An incredible break down of all the top rendering engines

Though my personal favorite for a rendering engine has become V-ray for Maya. there are some other great ones out there. This nice long post on FX guide goes through these engines (including v-ray) and explains some of their pros and cons.

It is not so much a comparison as simply for your information. Take a look!

Complete Article Link

Individual Catagory links

2.1 RenderMan – Pixar
2.2 Arnold – Solid Angle
2.3 V-Ray – Chaos Group
2.4 Maxwell Render – Next Limit
2.5 Mantra – Side Effects Software
2.6 CINEMA 4D – Cinema4D
2.7 Modo – The Foundry
2.8 Lightwave – Newtek
2.9 Mental Ray – Nvidia
2.10 3Delight – DNA Research
2.11 FinalRender – Cebas
2.12 Octane – Otoy
2.13 Clarisse iFX
2.14 Lagoa