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Thursday, November 9, 2017

After effects fade in and out expressions

Just alt click on the little clock for the opacity of the layer you want to fade on the in and out points of your layer and paste these expressions.

FADE on IN and OUT
fadeInTime = .5; // fade in time (seconds)
fadeOutTime = .5;

Math.min(linear(time,inPoint,inPoint + fadeInTime,0,100),linear(time,outPoint - fadeOutTime,outPoint,100,0))

if(time<(this_layer.out_point -0.5)){
} else {
    ( (this_layer.out_point-time)/0.5) * transform.opacity;

Friday, September 1, 2017

MEL Code to change filter type of all your images/textures (MAYA)

Sometimes you might want to turn of the texture filtering for ALL textures or ALL SELECTED textures in your maya project. This is because the default filtering method (quadratic) can lead to very soft or smudgy textures.

Paste one of these scripts into your script editor with MEL selected. Then highlight the code snippet and press the play button to execute.

// Sets filter type to "Off" on ALL file textures

string $fileList[] = `ls -type "file"`;
for ($file in $fileList){
        setAttr ($file + ".filterType") 0;

// Sets filter type to "Off" on selected file textures

string $fileList[] = `ls -sl -type "file"`;

for ($file in $fileList){
        setAttr ($file + ".filterType") 0;

Start Multiple instances of After Effects CC

So you might have noticed if you try to start another instance of after effects nothing happens. There is a little trick to start more copies.

1. Start AE, then start your windows task manager. Go to the processes tab. You should see AfterFX.exe Right click on that process and at the top of the popup list say "open file location"

2. This will open an explorer window with afterFX.exe selected. Right click on it and select "create shortcut"

3. Right click on the shortcut that is created and go to "properties" at the bottom.

4. In the target field at the very end put a space and then -m

Make sure you put a space or it will give an error.

That's it it should let you start multiple copies of AE now!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Media player to replace quicktime on windows (NOT VLC)

So after searching around for a bit since quicktime doesn't seem to hardly work in windows anymore I needed a player that can both frame by frame, be light weight, and play MOV's etc. Everyone talks about VLC but it doesn't frame by frame very well at all and honestly I think it looks awful. Windows media player is clunky as heck and often won't even play mp4, or MOV files.

Enter smplayer. You can frame by frame with the < > keys , .

Under preferences you can go the interface tab and change it to mini GUI, so that the icons aren't so big and clunky. you can turn off the top tool bar.

You can tell it to allow multiple instances under Options>Preferences>interface> instances tab.

So overall it seems light and tight like quicktime was, I have my frame by frame functionality and it doesn't look like it came out of some geeks pocket protector (well mostly :) If you tune up the interface a little.