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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Using Backburner with Maya Render Layers

So if you have found your way here chances are you are trying to accomplish this illusive phenomena known as getting render layers to work in Back Burner with maya. If you just start a scene rendering with "send to backburner" in maya you will ONLY get the masterLayer

I spent a lot of time researching this and found a script someone wrote to submit multiple jobs, one per render layer to Backburner. IT IS PURE GENIUS.

I'm posting the script here because it is so amazing I don't want to see it disappearing from the web. But I will link to the great guy that created it as well and if you are the guy who created it and want me to take it down from here i'm glad too.

Here is his blog.

Here is the Python script

Creative crash link if you'd prefer to get it there.

Just create a new shelf icon in maya and paste the code from this script into the command section for the shelf icon. No need to "install" it anywhere.

The only thing you will need to tweak is to open the script in notepad change and update the maya path on line 251 and 602 to reflect your version of maya. Search for 2011 and replace it with your version in my case 2015.

If you don't do this BB will throw a create Cmdjob Process error: 2 and not give you any other information as to why it isn't working. But it's this path that is the problem.

Otherwise the script is pretty self explanitory, it sends a BB job for each render layer and your good to go!

See his mini tutorial here.

Thanks Mariano!!

You can also change the path your files are going to render to by adding this command to the "additional options" field on this script to each job before submitting.

If you don't ALL images even from different render layers will go into the same folder. Example.

-rd "//VFX_NAS/Maya_Project/images/Shot_1"

You can install backburner Monitor on multiple machines to be able to watch the jobs. but only one of them can control the jobs, add render nodes etc. To change which system controls the render que simple open Monitor on the system you want to control it from. Connect to the manager IP and hit ctrl-Q