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Friday, March 30, 2012

Interior Vertex has Valence two, locating vertex with only two edges. (Mudbox and Maya)

This is a bizarre little issue that I had never run into before. Hopefully if some of you run into it this will save you the time it took me to figure out. I was recently using Mudbox and when I imported my low res model from Maya I got this message "Interior Vertex has Valence two" in Mudbox. The solution is to locate the offending Vertex in Maya and get rid of it/them! Read on to find out how.
 To make vertex selection based on it's valence (how many connected edges it has). In the Polygon menu SET goto Select > Select Using Constraints at the bottom of that menu.

Check 'Current and Next' then goto Geometry > Neighbours and set Min to 2 and Max to 2 and click activate. Start selecting vertices on your model, it'll select only the vertices which have 2 edge connections.

When you done either set Constrain to nothing or click Close and Reset. Don't forget to do this or you won't be able to select anything!