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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to turn "Primary Visibility" off many grouped objects

To turn off "Primary Visiblity" on all objects quickly, use the Attribute Spreadsheet (Windows -> General Editors -> Attribute Spreadsheet) Select all your objects any way you choose (via the entire group or individually) select the top field "Primary visibility" field where it says "on" select the top one, hold shift and select the bottom one. Then type "off" in the top and press enter. The status of all sub objects will be set.

updated for creating layer overrides.

To do this as an OVERRIDE you have to do a specific action to make it work. With the attribute spread sheet pulled up. 

1. First select your objects in the outliner.

2.Click in the VISIBILITY box (where is says yes or no)
3. now shift click down in the visibility box of your last object. They should be tagged in blue. THIS WILL NOT WORK IF YOU JUST TRY TO SELECT THE OBJECTS THEMSELVES in the atrribute spreadsheet.

4. now go up to the Layer menu in the Attribute spreadsheet. Select "Create overrisde for selected.

5. Your items should still be selected. Now without clicking ANYTHING. Just type "on" or "off". and hit enter. DON'T use caps.It will create your layer override.

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