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Friday, September 16, 2011

Can't freeze transformations message (translateX has incoming connection) Maya

You might run into something like this message when trying to Freeze transform: 

Freeze Transform was not applied because subdivCylinder1.translateX has incoming connection

First thing you should do is try deleting history on the the object.Select object in your viewport. Edit Menu>delete by type> History
If that doesn't work try something else. 

Select your model then open the channel box/layer editor (far right most of the three little icons in the top right of your screen) 

In the channel editor you will see al your channels Translate X, Y Z, Rotate X,Y,Z etc. If they are all highlighted with like a pink or orange color then they have connections to them. 

Click the top on then hold shift and click the bottom one "Scale Z" to select them all. Now right click on them a menu pops up select "break connections" The highlight color should disappear. 

Now go and delete your history for the object again. 

Select object in your viewport. Edit Menu>delete by type> History

NOW try a freeze transform and it should work!

This additional note from Tyler Wood on what might be causing this issue. 
Hi guys, so I just ran into this problem, but I know exactly what the issue is. You run into this issue when you key an object and then try to freeze the transformations. For me, sometimes I key an object and move it out of the way when modeling so I can snap it right back to where i want it by scrubbing the timeline. You just have to remember to delete the keys when you're done. It can be confusing if, like me you started parenting objects and getting everything ready for rigging. The parent may have the keys deleted but all of the children need to have keys removed as well before you can freeze it in place. Hope that clears up everything for everybody! -Tyler Wood