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Friday, December 30, 2011

Vray Benchmark Intel i7 3930k vs AMD 1090T

I just upgraded to a new system and I wanted to show the difference in speeds in case you were interested.

The file used is a material render scene from Then the Kitchen Metal Silver material from the same website has been applied to it.

The scene is not RAM heavy so I believe both systems have an adequate amount of RAM for a test, neither system approached it's maximum during rendering.

Render Results:
AMD 1090T 6 core 8GB RAM
8:28 minutes

Intel i7 3930k 6 core 32GB RAM
3:37 minutes

This is over 130% faster. I haven't even tried overclocking this system yet but this looks very promising!

These speeds also correspond nicely with the benchmarks on

Intel 3930k benched @ 14,565
AMD Phenom 1090T @ 6,059

Gigaflops as measured by PC wizard 2010 are:
Intel 3930k benched @ 190 gigaflops
AMD Phenom 1090T @ 119 gigaflops

You can use these numbers to perhaps get an idea of what a chip upgrade might do for you.

If you are thinking of upgrading I can highly recommend it! Feel free to post your own benchmark of the same scene in the comments below.

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